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Hello all!!!

Welcome to our blog ladies and gents!!!

Maybe you will ask yourself WHY you should buy a NATUREHIKE tent, and there is lots of reasons you should.Here are some of them, and they are the one's that makes me and my colleagues in Silverback adventure use them as well in our trips and holidays.

First of all the materials that they are made off, and that's very important, because that's why they're reliable, resistant, highly impermeable and two very important things, they are ultralight and they keep very well your body heat within the tent.

Another features of this state of the art tents are  they're easy set up, because after a day of walking in the wilderness the last thing you want is to spend hour an a half trying to find out what is what and where it goes.For that we have ikea....and they're wonderfully design furniture!!😜

And again, once is time to put them back in the bag are made for a quick and stress free process, so you can go back to what we all love to do: hiking!

And all those features, and the fact that we sale what we use in our personal time, and the quality check before we ship them to you,we know that we can offer a 12 month warranty and a 100% money back guarantee if your not 100% satisfied with what you bought, just because we know you won't send them back to us.Because they are f***ing amazing tents!!!!

Feel free to contact us for more info or check in our store, and remember: we offer always free shipping!!!

From Silverback adventure we wish you the best time in the nature, keep yourself safe, take care when you light a fire and take your rubbish home!!! It's always lighter than what you took from home!!!

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Kind regards

Silverback adventure crew